PSY456 Developmental Issues Paper – Current Events and Social Development.The purpose of this project is to organize, reflect on, and share your understanding of the interaction between current events, culture, and social development.
For example, you could discuss how changes in our world brought about by the social restrictions in response to COVID-19 might affect the social development of children. You might discuss how the current economy or the proliferation of technology in general impacts developing children.
Please do NOT choose COVID or technology. Consider other events and cultural issues.
Component 1: Develop and describe your own three hypotheses about how the issue or event you have chosen may impact the social development of children and youth. As you write your paper, please state your hypotheses clearly and identify your hypotheses by labeling them and putting the statement in bold font.
For example: “Hypothesis 1: Children who eat eggs for breakfast talk more at lunch.” (Don’t copy this hypothesis)
Component 2: Survey current periodicals and newspapers and other information sources to see what is being presented to the general public related to how current events may influence cultural change in ways that might affect or have already affected the social development of children and youth. Briefly report the content of three articles related to the issue you have chosen.
Component 3: Support your hypotheses about the impact your chosen event or issue may have on children’s social development by relating your hypotheses to PSY456 course content and the information you find in your media survey.
An essay of three pages, single-spaced, size 12 font. You are expected to present a well-organized, succinctly written paper, free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. If your essay is longer than 3 pages, you may be rambling or including too much detail.
The successful essay will:
Describe three hypotheses about possible impacts of current events/cultural issues on the social development of today’s children and youth. Please label these hypotheses clearly (using bold letters).
Describe three current published magazine or newspaper articles (not academic journal articles) that discuss how recent world events related to your issue may impact children and youth. Be sure to reference the publications so that the reader could trace them within the text of your paper. Please include a reference list at the end of your paper. Use APA style for in-text citations and the reference list
Relate your hypotheses and the articles found to Social Developmental constructs and terminology covered by PSY456.
Refer to key theorists/researchers by name.
Contain a mixture of your own opinions, thoughts, and ideas about the issues, current information from the popular news press and social development constructs studied in PSY456.
***I have included the textbook that is being used for the course; chapters 1 – 12, EXCEPT chapter 5.

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