It is important to identify health issues or concerns that may impact an individual or family in any setting. This identification can help the case management nurse to address health promotion and disease prevention.
To complete this activity, you must complete the Family Support Assessment activity. Click on Enter Sentinel City®. Once in the city, click on the map to locate the apartment in Nightingale Square. Once you enter the room, the Family Support Assessment form will be available. Complete the Family Support Assessment by asking the client predetermined questions. When the form is complete, you can save to your computer files for the Family Support Assessment assignment, then click “submit” to submit the form. Now, you will complete the Home Safety Assessment by noting any health, safety, and environmental hazards in the apartment. Note as many of the hazards that you observe. Select and prioritize the top two hazards for health, safety, and environmental areas for a total of six hazards that the healthcare professional should address first:
a. #1 = most serious hazard-life threatening
b. #2 = second most important-hazard to affect the most people or cause long-term injury
Try to avoid prioritizing the same hazard in multiple categories. Provide an evidence-based rationale and a recommendation for addressing the top two hazards in each category. Click the “Family Support Assessment” tab at the top of the screen and review the information on the form.
Reading and Resources
Watch Video Case Management Rubric Tips for Assignments.
Chapter 16, 20, 23, & 26 in Fundamentals of Case Management Practice.
Review clinical guidelines of the AHRQ.

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