In this course, you’ve been exploring two overarching questions: How did a diversity of views transform American society? and How have the literary movements of the last two centuries affected us? Write a clearly developed and well-formed research paper on your chosen topic. Follow the writing process and use MLA format to cite sources used.
Research and discuss the role of women in Victorian England and how/why women’s status seemed to decline despite the earlier feminist writings of Mary Wollstonecraft from the Enlightenment. For this research question, you will use literature from the Enlightenment and/or Victorian time period.
Each essay should be well developed with a clear intro with thesis, body paragraphs that support, and a conclusion. Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words and have a corresponding works cited page of all sources used. Sources should be SCHOLARLY sources. This is a major assignment designed to assess your readiness for college-level writing and research.

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