For this assignment, you are tasked with finding at least 2 different data classification guides on the internet. You can use databases and other scholarly libraries to help you with your search. After you find the different guides, I want you to write a review of each one. In your review, I want you touch upon the key concepts that are discussed in Chapter 11; namely the different types of classification schemes used by different organization types. Referencing the FIPS 199 manual is helpful as well.
The second part of the assessment is to discuss why it is important to have a data classification guide and what can happen if one is not in place. In this document, I want you to discuss risk and how important risk management is for an organization. You can use the information found in the textbook on pages 311-322 to help frame your answer.
The third part of the assessment is to take concepts from Chapter 12, Incident Response Team Policies, and write up a mock press release. The scenario you are to use is one of a data classification breach:
You are a top-notch cybersecurity expert working at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). You are hard at work ensuring the networks are hardened and your defense in depth techniques are state-of-the-art! It is brought to your attention that the CDC is receiving data from the World Health Organization, data that is highly controversial and cannot be released to the public. Included with the information were names, emails, and other personal information of senior leaders in the world along with their health information. This information is highly sensitive and by releasing it to the general public, it would cause pandemonium. You are feeling good until your co-worker comes to you and informs you that there are some anomalies on the network and it looks like there is data being exfiltrated out using Port 53. You immediately jump into action using your updated IRT checklist. You and your team were able to stop the attack…yet you are not quite sure what data was stolen. Your boss comes to you and wants you to put together a press release for the nation…get to work!

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