Challenges and Benefits to the Proposal
Note: This assignment is the third in a series of 4 assignments on the same topic. The assignments build upon each other.
Assume you are an investigative reporter for a major publication (magazine or newspaper) who has been assigned to research important issues (ethnic, racial, gender, or class) that are causing problems and affecting people in a local area, workplace, or specific part of the world. Your goal is to provide both an in-depth analysis of and put a human face on this issue by writing a series of articles that the editor plans to publish in two major parts.
For this assignment, you will write Part 2 of your series of articles, which focuses on the benefits and challenges of the proposed change(s) as well as responses to the challenges. In your presentation due later in the course, will be required to provide a summary of your articles in a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation for a meeting of the National Association of Journalists.
Write a 3–4 page (750–1,100 words) paper in which you:
Analyze 2–3 likely challenges with your topic of IMMIGRATION ISSUES IN THE UNITED STATES (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) to achieving the proposed change(s).
Provide a logical response to each of the challenges.
Analyze 2–3 possible benefits (economic, social, political, legal, et cetera) that could be realized following the proposed change(s).
Include 5 or more credible and reliable references. (Three sources can be the same as the ones used in Part 1. The others must be new sources.)
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Create a presentation of the challenges and benefits of the proposed changes to societal issues and problems concerning class, ethnicity, gender, or race that reflects increased cultural knowledge and self-awareness.
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