1. Part 1 (1600 words):
a) Identify your chosen company’s two key international marketing strategies. In this
section you should identify what, in your opinion, are the two key strategies. Your
company will most likely have many strategies, but you should focus on the two that you
think are their main competitive advantages.
Areas that you may want to consider, but are not limited to are:
The use of technology
Customer segments
Being in a blue ocean
Product innovations
Brand strategy
Use of data
Countries of operation
b) Identify your company’s two most important international markets of operation. You
should identify which are the two most important markets for your company and
support your chosen markets with evidence (you must choose 2 separate countries).
2. Part 2 (900 words).
Make two evidence-based recommendations as to how your company may improve
their strategy globally to ensure continued success as we emerge from the pandemic. In
this section we encourage you to be creative and thoughtful (but always underpinned
with theory) about how your company may develop.
Areas that you may want to consider, but are not limited to, are:
Ethical business practices
New consumer needs
New products
The use of AI
The use of data
The use of robotics
New markets

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