This assignment, as with the first one, is being adapted to our current situation — normally, you would be required to get out and go see theatre! For now, instead, please view one of the following musicals, unless you would like to see something LIVE!:
RENT: Broadway Production (Full Live Performance, 2008) (Links to an external site.)
***OR if you have Disney+, you can watch the musical, HAMILTON.
After watching the musical of your choice, you will write your critique.
What should you include in your paper? The same elements as you addressed last time, and now adding in the aspects of what you learned about in Chapter 10, “Theatre Today,” that you observe in the production.
Please write in ESSAY format, your answers to some of the following questions (below) in your critique. Use these questions as a guide to steer you in the right direction. Write in essay format (MLA or APA style) and be sure it is MORE than 3 FULL pages.
In your paper, please clearly analyze the 6 components of drama as outlined by Aristotle: Plot, Characters, Theme, Diction, Music, Spectacle.
Did you enjoy the play and why?
Was it credible? Did it intrigue you, being full of surprises? (Plot)
What feelings did it evoke for you?
What did you discover or awaken to?
What was the playwright’s central message? (Theme)
Critique the actors.
How was the Acting overall?
Was the acting clean, forthright, clear, active, intelligent, creative, believable?
Whose performances did you favor and why?
Which actors were off the mark and why?
Share about the characters themselves, the characters created by the playwright (try to distinguish from the acting) (Characters)
Which character or characters did you identify with?
What, if anything, moved you about the characters’ journeys in the play?
Share about the Literary Elements – the writing/dialogue. Was it rich, compelling? What was the tone? Use of rhyme, verse, metaphors, alliteration, or other literary devices? Did it seem natural and roll off the tongue of the characters? (Diction)
Tell me about the costumes, lighting, the set, the music – all the design elements… and how did they work within the play? (Spectacle & Music)
Did they help or hinder the production?
Finally, What aspects of “Theatre Today” (ch. 10) were part of THIS production?
Descriptives for Theatre Today are here:
An Open Theatre – Open to all
A Diverse Theatre (gender, race and ethnicity)
Global – multi-cultural
Macaronic Theatre – multi-languaged (one play has several languages used)
Theatre of Difference – Sexuality / Sexual Preference
Nontraditional Casting
Verbatim – Documentary
Theatre of Community
Movement Art and Dance-Theatre
Solo Performance
Be sure to be very specific. Back up anything you say with details 🙂
***Important***Please don’t retell the plot – that isn’t what I’m looking for in your critiques… I’m looking for your critique of the 6 components of drama and aspects of Theatre Today that you see / hear / experience at the performance. THANK YOU!
The assignment is due on Saturday, May 21st by midnight.

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