The purpose of this assignment is to learn more about and/or review your knowledge on using the library for research. This tutorial will help you locate different tools the library offers.
Please visit the Library Research Guide for English. On the left side of the page, you will see a list of topics in the gray navigation bar list. Please read about each of the below topics, and watch any videos on the page, then answer the questions below/complete the tasks for each page and submit your work here.
Special Note: For some reason, some of the videos on the Library Research Guide just don’t work for a few students. Please be sure to use Chrome or Firefox as browsers. If the videos still don’t work, you can complete the alternative virtual workshop assignment described in the “What to Submit for Credit” section of this assignment. Honestly, I highly recommend that all of you complete this alternative assignment in addition to the instructions here, as it has a lot of useful information about researching and asks you to do specific things in order to develop your own research question and results. In other words, the Writing Center’s virtual workshop is very useful, so I recommend that you all take the time to complete it, even if everything on the library page loads for you, but it is optional.
English Home
This page lists things you will learn about. What is the thing you think you need the most help with at this point and why?
What tutoring options are available at PCC? Are there any you have used, or are interested in using? Why?
Video Tutorials
Go through the list of videos and make notes on the topics you want to learn more about.
Watch a minimum of 2 video tutorials of your choice and briefly summarized the new things you learned.
Beginning Your Research
This page has some databases that are particularly good for trying to figure out topics and seeing different viewpoints on topics.
Go to “Exploring a Topic” and click on the link for CQ Researcher. What is the “Featured Report” topic on the page, and the research question below it?
Go to the search box and type in “Systemic Racism.” Click on the first report, published 10/30/2020.
What is the research question for the report on systemic racism?
On the left you will see the table of contents for the full report. Explore the different sections, and then briefly explain which ones you looked at, and why they would be helpful if you were writing on this topic. Are there sections you didn’t explore that would be useful and why?
Please go back to the library guide page on “Beginning Research” and scroll down to the section titled “Selecting and Narrowing Topics.” Watch the 3 videos on finding and narrowing topics. Briefly explain what you learned about these topics.
Finding Books
Summarize what you learned from this page.
How likely are you to go into a library and use a physical book for your research (pretend that we do not have Covid restrictions for this answer)? Explain your answer.
Finding Articles
In your own words, describe what you can find if you use EBSCOhost (Combined).
Click on EBSCO and look over the database. If you have questions about any parts, please post them to the community support board!
Watch the videos under the “Popular Vs. Scholarly Sources” section, and summarize the difference between the two,
Evaluating Sources
Review the information on this page, and click on the link to the ABCD video, and watch the video from the beginning. Summarize it in 2-3 sentences.
Find the link to the CRAAP Test Instructions, click on it, and read it in full. What does CRAAP stand for? Write about one thing you learned that you will use in your research process.
Research Strategies
Read through the page and click on any links or videos that you want to explore.
Briefly explain what you learned from this page.
Citation Style
Explore the contents of the page.
List 3 resources for citing in MLA style.
What are citation generators, and what should you be cautious about if you use them?
Get Help
Try chatting with a librarian! Use the chat box to ask a question about finding resources for your research paper assignment. Review the Research Paper Prompt and see if there is anything you can ask that the librarian might be able to help with, such as figuring out a topic, finding sources, evaluating sources, using a specific database, or brainstorming search terms.
What to Submit for Credit
To get credit for this assignment, please submit your answers to the above questions here. If you have any questions of your own, please post them to the community support board.
Alternative Virtual Workshop Assignment
If the library videos and pages aren’t working for you, please complete the Writing Center workshop titled “Conducting Research,” in addition to any of the above questions that you are able to review. In other words, do what you can with the above directions, skipping anything that doesn’t load, and then complete the virtual workshop as a way to fill in some of the missing information. This virtual workshop is about 50 minutes long and will walk you through developing a research question, conducting searches on the EBSCO database and the PCC Library catalog, and how to evaluate your sources for credibility. There is a worksheet that goes with the virtual workshop, so you should submit this completed worksheet in addition to the above questions that you are able to find answers for.
Click here for a link to “Conducting Research” on the Writing Center virtual workshop page.
After clicking the above link, simply scroll down to “Conducting Research,” then download the worksheet and click the link for the video.

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