Please write your responses in complete sentences using proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Question responses will vary in length, but make sure to answer the question completely. Some responses will be one sentence, but others may need to be a paragraph in length. The Dig Deeper questions should be at least a paragraph in length. A paragraph is a minimum of five sentences. All the other question responses should be approximately two to three complete sentences. When in doubt, more is always better.
For your reference, a grading rubric is included below.
View the TedEd video “How racism makes us sick.”
How racism makes us sick.
After viewing the video answer the following questions.
1. What are the three scales for measuring racism?
2. Higher levels of discrimination are associated with what health risks?
3. How does implicit bias affect healthcare quality?
Dig Deeper
4. How does media portrayal— in television, movies, on the news, and in journalism— of people of color influence and shape our biases of those groups?
5. Why is it important to confront your own implicit bias? How can you make sure you’re holding yourself accountable?

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