Paper length 5 – 7 pages
These articles cannot be any older than five years old. Your articles need relevant and current data
The articles must be found within the Evans Library databases
The three articles must be sourced and cited within the paper
No more than 15% of your paper should be from direct quotes
Identify and develop an OB topic of interest to serve as the basis for this paper. Absolutely avoid choosing a very broad or general OB topic, such as: “leadership”, “communication”, “motivation”, etc. It is impossible to produce and demonstrate outstanding analysis, summary, and insight with a broad OB topic and an assignment page limit of just 5 – 7 pages. It is strongly recommended that you select an interesting OB issue to address, question to answer, or problem to solve. The more specific and narrow the focus, the better. (So for example, within the broad OB topic of “organizational structure”, you might address something like the following: “What is the impact of a decentralized organizational structure on employee engagement?”). You will then research and select a minimum of three peer-reviewed journal articles from the Evans Library to read, analyze, and incorporate into your paper topic.
You will take the main points, concepts, and findings from each of these articles and integrate them into one paper. The paper is not a literature review and should not be a simple listing of each article. These articles must be from peer-reviewed journal articles (do not use trade magazines, books, newspapers, and similar).

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