The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the relationship between social policies and social work practice –specifically, how policies affect the lives of clients, the programs agencies develop, and the roles which social workers play in social service organizations. This assignment formatted as a 3-5 page memo to your agency leadership.
You have been asked by the Executive Director of your internship or your agency of employment (or a place where you have worked) to write a 3-5 page memorandum analyzing the impact of a particular local, state, or federal policy on the organization or the clients it serves. If possible, use agency letterhead.
For this particular exercise, a “policy” is defined as an action of government that has the effect of law and that affects either the nature/amount of resources provided to the agency or its clients or the types of activities in which the agency can/cannot be involved. Choose relevant policies in the form of:
a piece of legislation that is already in place;
proposed changes in administrative laws or regulations; OR
recent or pending court decisions.
Address your memo to the Executive Director and include the following elements:
A brief description of the policy or proposed/pending change in policy (~1/2 page);
An explanation of how/why the policy is significant for the agency and the clients/community it serves (~1/2 page);
An analysis of how the policy (or proposed policy change) affects/will affect the agency and the clients/community it serves (~1.5 pages);
A brief discussion of either (a) past and current strategies the agency has adopted to respond to this policy or to proposed policy changes OR(b) what preparations the agency is undertaking to respond to proposed or impending policy changes (~1-1.5 pages).
To the extent possible, use actual data from your agency in drafting this memo. List the sources of your data at the end of your memo. Where such data do not exist or are not available indicate where they might be obtained and how. You may make any assumptions that are necessary to draft the memorandum, as long as they do not contradict the data you have collected, the policy itself, or current conditions in/activities of the agency.
Formatting and Length
Format as a 3-5 page memo using the guidelines from The Hartford, Memo Formatting: Everything You Need to Know.
Use of headers that correspond to each point are highly recommended.
In addition to the above criteria, 10% of your grade on this assignment will be based on the presentation of your ideas (e.g., formatting, editing, grammar, etc.) Your reference list should include proper citation (APA 7th edition) of all sources used for this paper.
Your reference list should include proper citation of all sources used for this paper.

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