On weeks 3 and 5 (2 total), students will locate and read an article from a professional journal
(peer reviewed) and write a short paper (maximum 4 pages of content) reviewing the article.
Reviews should concentrate on the research that supports the article (if the article details a
research project/effort), the author’s purpose (was it accomplished?), the conclusions reached,
and how this article’s content relates to the week’s subject matter….in other words why is it
important or anyone to read it? Note: A summary of the article’s content does not constitute a
critical review!
The article reviews (Weeks Three and Five) must be reviews of related scholarly research
work to be found in professional, peer reviewed journals. (Do not use articles over 7 years old
as they are generally of limited academic value) This means you will have to use Internet and
library resources to find those articles. Publications such as Workforce Management Magazine
and HR Magazine do not fit this category. A peer reviewed journal contains articles that cover
academic research in the selected area. As graduate students, these are the sources you should be
looking to for information. Further notes on article reviews can be found in the next few
Note: All papers should include references to the course readings (tie in concepts/theory from the
textbook to the application/article) and follow APA writing guidelines (double-spaced, 1-inch
margins, 12-point Times Roman or Courier font). In other words, your analysis, statements and
opinions must be supported with references to the textbook/theory.
article reviews should be written in the following format using these
1. Citation / Source (name of article, author’s name, etc. in APA format) Place this as the
first item in the review.
2. Major Thesis (a summary of the article, main points, its relationship to course content,
and your critical evaluation of the article’s supporting research/data)
3. Utility (How useful is the article to the HR discipline? How might it be applied to the HR
environment? Provide specific examples.)
4. Conclusion
The article you select should be in the general content area of Learning and Management Performance.

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