Michael is beverage manager at the principal hotel in a middle-sized manufacturing town. The hotel has a steady business trade and is now reaching out to attract local customers for its restaurant and bar. The restaurant is to be enlarged and the bar off the lobby is to be remodeled and expanded into a cocktail lounge with table service. Michael is in charge of planning all aspects of the change.
All of the bar equipment will be new, and Michael will work with the designer to determine what is needed. There will be a dozen tables served by waiters or waitresses whom Michael will hire and train. The bartenders will pour drinks for both the lounge and dining room servers in addition to cus- tomers at the bar, and Michael may have to add another couple of bartenders to the staff.
Michael knows the present bartenders will be worried about the change. They will be afraid they will work harder for fewer tips, since they will be competing with the table servers. They may also be concerned about the new layout and equipment. It is important for them to feel confident about working in the new setup and to be committed to the project and accepting of the new employees.
Questions 1. When should Michael break the news, and how? 2. How should he deal with their fears about new personnel? 3. What can he do to increase their confidence? 4. How can he gain their commitment to the new project? 5. Make a detailed plan incorporating your answers for Michael to follow in dealing with his
present bartenders.

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