Interview an HR manager. Contact somebody you know at work, or previous employment, or the HR Dept at Mission College to find someone willing to talk to you for this assignment.
Note: due to the current social distancing rules, you can conduct your interview via a teleconference (i.e., hangout, facetime, zoom), a telephone call, or email (i.e., submit your questions to them and have them fill in the answers). Email is harder, in my opinion, because you have to ask good questions and receive good answers rather than ask followup-questions in a conversation to get more details.
Remember that we want to know what the HR person does, their roles in developing, managing, or executing policies, what kinds of issues they deal with, what makes the HR job interesting or challenging to them, etc. The objective is to understand what HR does and for you to relate to what you have learned in this course. Remember, this is not a book report on what HR policies this company has. You want to connect what this HR manager does to what you have learned.
Based on that interview, develop a 500 to 700-words essay in Microsoft Word to:
give a very brief discussion of who you talked to, their responsibilities, and how did you find with this person
what you learn regarding HR’s role today in building competitive organization (this is the ‘meat’ of your essay.) as you recount this HR person’s role and responsibilities.
Your essay must follow APA style and be in Microsoft Word format (.docx). For assistance on how to use APA to cite your sources, please check out NoodleTools at If you reference a source, then you must cite it.
Without citing a referenced source, it will be considered plagiarism, and your assignment earned an automatic zero. Please avoid these serious unintentional writing errors. NoodleTools contains services to help you cite references and many helpful tips on how to avoid plagiarism too. Check them out!
Remember that I am far more interested in your thoughts and rationale, so don’t copy and paste any text verbatim.
Please use Arial 11 font, double-spaced, and one-inch margin.
An abstract is not required.
Please review the rubric (below) before submitting your paper
Submit as a Microsoft Word document, with filename following this format: FirstLast-HRinterview.docx (example: LyPham-HRinterview.docx)

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