In this section, you are provided with four academic sources related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
You are required to read these four articles, identify common themes discussed in the articles, and compare and contrast the authors’ views on the themes you have identified. The themes that you identify may not be present in all articles. The purpose of this assessment is NOT to summarise each of the articles individually
Ø The introduction should provide a background to the theme being addressed and identify the particular focus that is being compared and contrasted.
Ø The main body should reflect the ability to relate the content of the articles to a CSR issue or topic. All comparisons and contrasts should be clearly explained and referenced. Differences and similarities of opinion should be clearly identified and developed
Ø The conclusion should evaluate what has been discussed in the essay.
1. Articulate an opinion and justify with reasoning, evidence or reference to appropriate sources.
2. Clear and effective explanation of how skills can enhance your writing or reading.
3. Find relevant information and data.
4. Use subject-specific vocabulary appropriately.
Assessment reference style:
You should use APA referencing style for this task.

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