Do you think earnings depend on gender, education and generation? Let’s go over the file below and share your findings!
Instructions: Go over the file: Generational Earnings and Education.pdf and discuss the following 3 topics. This assignment will be GRADED. Please read “every single sentence” below and respond to each topic clearly to receive full credit. Late submission for any reason will lower the grade. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete this assignment just in case you have an emergency or an unexpected technical issue.
1) There are 4 variables used in the graphical display. One of them is earnings, which is a quantitative variable. Can you identity the rest of the 3 variables and identify the type of each variable?
Here is an example!
Variable 1: Earnings (Quantitative)
Variable 2: xxx (xxx)
Variable 3: xxx (xxx)
Variable 4: xxx (xxx)
2) The median is used to compare earnings in the graphical display. Why do you think the median, not the average, is used to compare earnings? Explain your thoughts clearly using complete sentences.
3) What do you find from the graphical display?
I have included the pdf to be used in answer

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