You and your patrol car partner receive a Code‐3 dispatch “Officer down and needs help.” You’re driving and decide on a hairpin route, but much shorter in time. It is a narrow, one‐lane road with a rock wall on your right and a 100‐yard sheer drop on the left side. At your best speed practical and with all due regard to the environment, you round a curve with a little child is playing in the road. There isn’t time to brake!
Your options are:
to stay on the road, strike and kill the six‐year‐old, or
veer left, lose your life, and kill your partner.
Questions to address in your post:
What are the competing rights in this scenario?
What are the three ways to cope with competing rights and which one must be used in this circumstance?
What will you do and why?
100-200 words only

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