This assignment will allow you to further explore a topic related to our course that is of your interest. You will research your chosen topic in depth. Accordingly, you will submit a research paper that is 5 pages of written content (a minimum of 5 written pages, not including covers pages, pictures, maps, citations, etc.), typed, double-spaced, and of standard font (10-12 font size). In addition, you must use at least five sources (your textbook can be used as a source). Use APA, MLA or any other writing format to show your sources for summarizing, paraphrasing or for direct quotes.
The covered topics of your research paper could include, but are not limited to the following:
Spanish and French Colonization of Hispaniola
The Haitian Revolution and the Dominican Independence
The Trujillo Era and its Effect in the Dominican Republic
The 1937 Parsley Massacre
Las Hermanas Mirabal: Heroic Figures of Resistance
Colorism and its Effects in our Society
Hispaniola Divided: The Border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti
Anti-Haitianism and Discrimination in the Dominican Republic
Haitian Workers in the Sugarcane Industry of the Dominican Republic
National Regularization Plan for Foreigners Living in the Dominican Republic
Representations of Afro-Latinidad
Blackness in the Dominican Diaspora

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