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Reinaldo Roque Coello
Where and How Did Psychology Originate
If I were to pick a historical perspective to study and explain behavior, I’d go with John B’s behavioral psychology – Behavioursim. It is simple to grasp and analyze the basis for a person’s behavior because it plainly indicates that it is based on conditioning.
Question 1
Without a question, Aristotle is and has been one of history’s most influential Greek thinkers. I feel that the concept of the soul is the most important of the psychological domains to which he commited his attention. According to Aristotle, the soul is a universal principle of life. Aristotle suggested three forms of souls (psyches): the vegetative soul, the sensitive soul and the thinking soul. The rational soul is human-like in that it can develop and nourish itself, like the vegetative soul, and it can detect sen sations and move locally, like the sentient soul. According to Aristotle, the soul is the shape of a living creature and it is what gives it the ability to move. According to Aristotle, the body and the soul are inextricably linked, and when the body dies, the soul is left with nothing to support it; hence, the soul cannot survive without a body. Because Aristotle did not believe in the existence of a though organ, I believe he excluded from his theory of the soul everything related to his material substrate

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