Paper claiming that behind the construction of Candi Prambanan (located in Indonesia), a legendary love story existed (Roro Jonggrang). This story points back to the fact that why Candi Prambanan only amounted to 999 temples. Please also incorporate details about the architecture and restoration of Candi Prambanan. Mention how there are 3 different temples dedicated for each Hindu God (Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu). Writing should be careful in identifying where the story is coming from, and how the story may change according to who is telling it. Please use pictures.(minimum one pictures displayed on each page). Incorporate thesis that showcase connections through out the content of the paper; topic sentences, analysis, quotations, etc. (just so that the overall claim appears stronger). The body should be consisted of a minimum of 1250 words. Minimum use of 5 sources from the internet supporting the claim.

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