I have yet to choose a case. So that is still available. The instructions are
Chronological account of what happened? Please include pictures, fire behavior models, building drawings etc. • How did the structural building collapse/failure and fire behavior cause the LODD? • What was the cause of death? • What could have been done to prevent the LODD? • How the LODD death(s) may have changed the fire department/service? Examples of things the fire departments may have changed: o Did the Fire Department change their standard operating guidelines and procedures? o Did the Fire Department change how they conduct training? o Did the Fire Department change how they do business and how they fight fires? • What role did the firefighter’s culture play in the death(s) i.e., Were they overly aggressive? Did they not properly assess the situation at hand? Did they truly understand the fire behavior presented to them on scene? Etc.
It cant just be any LODD. The focus is on Structural Collapse that happened as a result of fire behavior*
Look at files for more instructions. Expert should pick the case.

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