Part I: Choose a topic.
Describe the topic, concept, idea, or approach that is going to be the central idea of the Week 7 Infographic. There is no minimum word count but please use several well-thought-out sentences to make your point. Use no less than three sentences and it is NOT a paper. If you find you need more than one concise paragraph, you may not understand what an infographic should be. See the examples with the Infographic directions.
How to use Piktochart
Part II: Source Evaluation Worksheet
Find a minimum of three (3) sources; two (2) academic sources from the APUS library and one (1) article (quality online or newspaper article). However, depending on the topic, there may be better resources online. Just do NOT use Wikipedia or any open resource.
NOTE, depending on the topic or issue, avoid using resources more than 5 years old. For example, climate change, gun control, social media, and anything science-related should use the most up-to-date material you can find. However, some topics like nutrition, the value of exercise, meditation, and similar topics can have older resources. But in NO CASE should you use material more than 10 years old.
The “source summary” should be in your own words, NOT cut and pasted from the resource. Some quotations from your source are acceptable, but most of the wording should be yours – tell me how the source will be used to support your topic.
Consider the following:
Please download the Source Evaluation Worksheet and write directly into it.
Be detailed and precise when completing the worksheet.
The annotation of your sources should be in your own words with some quotations from your source. All quotations must be clearly indicated as such.
Then upload the completed worksheet.
Due Date
Jan 9, 2022 11:55 PM
Source Evaluation Worksheet.docx (11.93 KB)
Week 5 Source Evaluation Rubric.pdf (260.36 KB)
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