Watch: Are you an ideal team player?
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Reflect: Think on your past communication experiences within personal and professional groups.
Assignment Instructions
Your answers to the discussion should exhibit a good understanding of your own communication skills and desire for improvement within personal and professional groups. Your post should be well developed answers to the provided self-assessment questions. Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
First, review the table of contents in your textbook. Look through the various sections and get familiar with concepts regarding small group theory.
Next, thinking about your current level of group communication skills, answer the following prompts in a well-developed paragraph:
Identify and discuss group skills and knowledge that you feel you currently possess and do well within small group and team settings.
Identify and explain group skills and knowledge you would like to learn and get more comfortable exhibiting in small group and team settings.
Based on the video, do you feel like you are an ideal team player? Why or why not?
You must respond to two of your classmates’ postings with substantive comments. Substantive comments open up or continue dialog. They can include:
asking questions
answering questions
responding to something another student says (including answering a question asked by a student)
pointing out relevant material in the text as a response to another person’s submission
Notes such as “I agree,” “Nice work,” or “Amen” do not count as response posts.
Response posts are only counted in the week in which they are due. They may not be made up.
The initial discussion post is due at midnight Central time on Day 4. A minimum of two responses are due at midnight Central time on Day 7. See the discussion forum rubric for grading criteria.

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