Required Reading and Other Learning Activity for This Assignment:
Please also read Chapter 12 in your textbook while paying particular attention to the passage about Identifying Discrepancies on page 219.  You may also find it helpful to skip ahead into Chapter 14 where you will find a more detailed description, including examples, of Identifying Discrepancies on pages 272-273.
Required Thinking for This Assignment:
Values are what we consider to be most important in life. Our values, much like a compass, give direction to our lives, and every decision we make reflects upon our values. It’s our actions that truly demonstrate what we value most highly. For example, if I say my health is valuable to me, but I spend my evenings binge-watching Netflix, my actions are demonstrating that I value entertainment more than my health. Decisions are difficult sometimes, and decisions are made difficult when we have two or more competing values. Having clarity about our values will help us be more decisive. This is what building discrepancy is all about, guiding our clients to have clarity in regard to their values. Once that clarity is obtained, we can work toward change.
Required Content for This Assignment:
This is an activity I often use with my own clients, both individually and in group settings. Complete the attached worksheet values-clarification.pdf values-clarification.pdf – Alternative Formats  (The results of the worksheet you may choose not to share if you like, and it does not have to be submitted to me for grading purposes). After completing the worksheet write a response discussion how easy or how difficult the activity was for you. Discuss two items on your list that were nearly in opposite positions (nearly selecting #8 as #9 and visa versa). Explain your reasoning behind ranking those two items in that way, and explain why you almost ranked them opposite.
For the main part of your initial post, consider a time in your life when you were faced with a difficult decision. What choice did you make? Or, what path did you choose? Write about what values were at play in your decision-making process. What did your decision demonstrate was most valuable to you at the time? What values had to take a back seat (be sacrificed) in the making of that decision?
Lastly, what is most important about helping your future clients clarify their own values?

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